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Bad news everyone: GeneTalk needs funding

In 2011 and 2012, GeneTalk was sponsored by SmartAlgos IT Consulting. In 2013, we got a grand (“Exist”) from the german ministry of science and technology. Starting from 2014, we no longer have any funding. We still need our full-time software developers (Peggy and Tom) to implement all the new features we planned for GeneTalk, improve […]

GeneTalk on GenomeWeb

An article featuring GeneTalk: Seeking an Edge in Clinical Market, German Startup Preps Community-Based Variant Annotation Platform.

From genetic privacy to open consent

In this article, we would like to tell you more about the three different levels of consent we currently support in GeneTalk. We think that a community creates its ethical values when informed individuals debate. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join our discussion! Personal consent Concerning your own genetic information, we take […]

Our Preferred Reference Sequence

You might remember Einstein telling you that there is no preferred inertial reference frame. So wrong that guy! 😉 We definitely prefer GRCh37 for the human reference sequence! GRCh37 or hg19 is the latest build and its coordinate system is probably not going to change anymore. Updates are rather released as patches [1]. We therefore […]

Features so far

The first features of GeneTalk are implemented. So far, you can Upload your variant sequence data as VCF file. Edit your linkage intervals and gene set filters. A linkage interval filter is simply a chromosomal region defined by its chromosome, start and end position. A gene set filter restricts your analysis to the exons of […]

GeneTalk Blog Launched

Welcome to the GeneTalk blog. Here you will find everything concerning GeneTalk: Information about new releases, new features, tutorials… Have fun!