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Analyzing Family Exome Data …

When you ask two laywers for their opinion you might get three different answers. In genetics it could get even worse: Corpas et al. analyzed four publicly available exomes of a family with different software tools. Surprisingly there was only little overlap in the sequence variants that were assessed as clinically relevant. We would like […]

old school print advertisement

  Well, we spent some euros for a print ad in the conference transcript of the annual GfH meeting in Essen. Here are the best comments we got so far: – So Mr. Krupp is your new sugar daddy? – Ah! That’s why you charge that much for a premium license! – Raffiniert, ihr denkt, […]

Merry Christmas!

Well, at first glance, it might look like we got baked, but actually we baked something for you: The compound heterozygous filter for analyzing multiple samples. This filtering feature is quite tricky and we will explain in a new tutorial soon how to use it. For the meantime Merry Christmas to everyone and don’t ¬†forget […]

Happy Birthday GeneTalk

One year ago GeneTalk went online. It is really amazing to see how the platform has grown in one year. Many new features were realized and improved, we got lots of feedback from customers that helped to improve GeneTalk further on. I’m exited to see how GeneTalk will grow in the second year. We have […]

GeneTalk Party

Let’s celebrate one year of GeneTalk: every happy user is invited, spread the word! All users from down under, attention please: Certificates of attendance will be issued, so that you can get a reimbursement for your traveling expenses!  

GeneTalk Promotion Video

The GeneTalk promotion video, featuring Peter and Tom: Thanks to Johannes (Director), Giacomo (Camera), and Lorenz (Sound). Great work!

One More Thing, GeneTalk proves taste

Click on the “more” button for a mutation in GeneTalk’s variant viewer and you will see that predicting the effect of a mutation is a matter of Taste!

The GeneTalk Quiz

Find the differences! ūüėČ        Photo credits: Left: (c) 2011¬†Peter Krawitz, Tom Kamphans Right: (c) Apple Computer (?), found on