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GeneTalk becomes an assembly-line worker

GeneTalk now helps you when you have a bunch that have to be filtered with the same filter settings. We added two features for supporting such batch processing: You can upload a ZIP-file containing serveral VCF files. GeneTalk will unpack your ZIP-file and add all VCF files to your account When selecting an individual for […]

Merry Christmas!

Well, at first glance, it might look like we got baked, but actually we baked something for you: The compound heterozygous filter for analyzing multiple samples. This filtering feature is quite tricky and we will explain in a new tutorial soon how to use it. For the meantime Merry Christmas to everyone and don’t  forget […]

All theory, dear friend, is grey and the golden tree of life springs ever green,…

You are absolutely right, Mephistopheles. That’s why we uploaded exomes of a CEU Trio to the Demo account, so that you can play around with the new segregation filter! It is a well described Trio from the 1000 genomes paper: NA12787 is the daughter, NA12892 is the mother and NA12791 is the father. In the […]

New: Segregation Filter

GeneTalk now supports coupled filtering of two or more individuals! The first step is to create a new VCF file that contains all the individuals or, if you already uploaded a such a file, enter the phenotype information for your file. You can create a file with multiple individuals by using the new function “Create […]

Happy Birthday GeneTalk

One year ago GeneTalk went online. It is really amazing to see how the platform has grown in one year. Many new features were realized and improved, we got lots of feedback from customers that helped to improve GeneTalk further on. I’m exited to see how GeneTalk will grow in the second year. We have […]

GeneTalk on GenomeWeb

An article featuring GeneTalk: Seeking an Edge in Clinical Market, German Startup Preps Community-Based Variant Annotation Platform.

GeneTalk Application Note

GeneTalk welcomes its over 100 new users since our application note was published!

GeneTalk becomes intellectual

“An intellectual is a person who has found something that is more interesting than sex” (Edgar Wallace) – too true! That’s why we started predicting sex! Our prediction is based on the genotypes of common polymorphisms of the X-chromosome. If your uploaded sample has heterozygous calls above a certain threshold we classify it as female […]

Artefact Blacklist

Nope, you don’t have to call a Code Blue!! This is not a life threatening fungal infection, it is just an artefact from static electricity on the imaging plate. Well, not only in radiography technical artefacts can make life miserable. In NGS data sets we know at least about 7 million commonly detected artefacts that we would like to […]

Yes! We’re all individuals!

Therefore, GeneTalk now supports viewing and filtering files with more than one individual. If you have a VCF file with more than one individual, a ‘+’ icon will be shown in the list of your VCF files right behind the name of the VCF file. Clicking this icon opens a list with the identifiers of […]