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Archive of entries posted on December 2011

Demo user

For all users that do not yet have a vcf file of an exome right at hand, there is the demo account. Just log in with user: demo password: demodemo In the My VCF files there is one European and one African exome that we took from the 1000 genomes project ( You can play […]

The GeneTalk Quiz

Find the differences! ūüėČ        Photo credits: Left: (c) 2011¬†Peter Krawitz, Tom Kamphans Right: (c) Apple Computer (?), found on

News this week

Again, GeneTalk moved to a new server due to performance issues on genotype frequency filtering. Further, for frequency filters we use a new database that keeps the whole reference data in memory speeding up the filtering process. (The new server also allows to switch of the annoying time constraints that killed every script after a […]

The whole world of pathogenic mutations is now annotated by GeneTalk

We added annotations for all single nucleotice variants and small insertions and deletions that have been described in the literature as disease causing. There are over 60,000! You may now quickly screen your Exome or Whole Genome VCF file for such pathogenic mutations. Just filter your data and look whether there exists a “GeneTalk pathogenic” […]