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Archive of entries posted on August 2012

GeneTalk on GenomeWeb

An article featuring GeneTalk: Seeking an Edge in Clinical Market, German Startup Preps Community-Based Variant Annotation Platform.

GeneTalk Application Note

GeneTalk welcomes its over 100 new users since our application note was published!

GeneTalk becomes intellectual

“An intellectual is a person who has found something that is more interesting than sex” (Edgar Wallace) – too true! That’s why we started predicting sex! Our prediction is based on the genotypes of common polymorphisms of the X-chromosome. If your uploaded sample has heterozygous calls above a certain threshold we classify it as female […]

comprehensive review about NGS data analysis in clinical context

Lyon and Wang wrote a very informative review about identifying disease mutations in genomic medicine settings: current challenges and how to accelerate progress in Genome Medicine .