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Archive of entries posted on June 2013

GeneTalk wins the competition for best business plan in the BPW Berlin Brandenburg 2013

We are happy to be announced as winner of the business plan competition of the BPW Berlin Brandenburg 2013 in the category Web. The award of EUR 8 000 is intended to reward a company or project in recognition of an outstanding business plan.

GeneTalk’s PEP continues – new participants welcome!

We just served 6 more geneticists with their personal exomes and are intrigued to hear how they would consult their NGS variants! We are also recruiting new participants for this study, so please get in touch with us, if you are interested to participate! (subject: GeneTalk’s personal exome project)

Economically as promising as patterns for sewing

We are currently participating in a business plan competition and got among the first three. Here is some PR advice if you get ever the chance to talk to an economic journalist: mention a figure about the market volume that is higher than that of your competitors! I forgot to mention e.g. the Thermo Fisher […]