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Artefact Blacklist

Nope, you don’t have to call a Code Blue!! This is not a life threatening fungal infection, it is just an artefact from static electricity on the imaging plate. Well, not only in radiography
technical artefacts can make life miserable. In NGS data sets we know at least about 7 million commonly detected artefacts that we would like to share with you. These artefacts were identified by Ryan Poplin in the 1000 genomes project and are now included in GeneTalk as annotations. In addition a yellow Blitz lights up beside the position if we think that this variant might be a false positive.

Probably you will soon gain some trust in GeneTalk’s artefact predictions. Then you can pimp up your data by filtering out all the artefacts: Simply check the blacklist box in the Annotation Filter. In a dirty exome this will usually remove about 1-2% of the variants!