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Features so far

The first features of GeneTalk are implemented. So far, you can

    • Upload your variant sequence data as VCF file.
    • Edit your linkage intervals and gene set filters. A linkage interval filter is simply a chromosomal region defined by its chromosome, start and end position. A gene set filter restricts your analysis to the exons of a set of genes of your choice.
    • Filter your VCF by genotype frequency, linkage, and gene sets. The output will be every line in the VCF file that
      • lies in the range of the linkage filter (if specified) and
      • lies in one of the ranges of the gene set filter(s) (if specified) and
      • has a genotype frequency lower or equal to the given frequency (if specified)

Please note that the genotype filtering takes some time. If you get an error message, the server may have cancelled your request
because of time constraints given by our provider. In this case, try narrowing down the input to the frequency filter by
specifying a smaller linkage intervall, smaller gene set intervalls or less gene set filters.