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GeneTalk becomes an assembly-line worker

GeneTalk now helps you when you have a bunch that have to be filtered with the same filter settings. We added two features for supporting such batch processing:

  • You can upload a ZIP-file containing serveral VCF files. GeneTalk will unpack your ZIP-file and add all VCF files to your account
  • When selecting an individual for filtering, you can now select several individuals (even from different VCF files) that are all filtered with the same filter settings. Of course, filtering several individuals separately will be performed in background; you will get a notification when a file is filtered. You can specify three placeholders for the output of the filtering process:
    • ‘*’ will be replaced by the name of the input file
    • ‘%’ will be replaced by the identifier of the individual
    • ‘#’ will be replaced by the by a consecutive number (this will be handy if all your individuals are located in the same input file and share the same identifier)

    Batch processing is not to be confused with segregation filtering (i.e., filtering several individuals as a “collection”): While the former filters each individual separately allowing, for example, filtering for homozygeous positions, the latter can apply filters that affect every individual in the collection such as the compound heterozygeous filter.