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New features

Apart from a dozen minor bug fixes (including the ‘no valid email’ message when you try to log in with your user name(*) ) and layout improvements, I have completely redesigned the “gene sets”. Now, you can simply choose genes/chromosomal regions by gene name, entrez id or ccds id. Still you can use a set of arbitrary regions (given by chrom, start, end) as a gene set or even in addition to a set of genes from the database.

A new menu item is ‘Search Genes’, which allows you to search our gene database (for searching, press “show filter” on the right hand side in the blue bar).

Last, there is a nice new view on the filter output and a download button for the filtered vcf file.

Thanks to Dorthe Lübbert (Smartclick-Solutions) for a lot of help with JavaScript, including the bugfix for (*).