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Stay tuned!

Web 2.0 broad us many new ways to communicate and GeneTalk wants you to use all this fancy technology for your research. Let’s take Twitter for example: If a user decides to make an annotation in GeneTalk that’s visible to the public, then we will automatically generate a tweet via the GeneTalk account @Gene_Talk. Nadja Ehmke for example decided to make her annotation about a disease causing mutation in TGDS public. Her manuscript that this mutation can cause Catel Manzke syndrome was just accepted by the American Journal of Human Genetics and her work will appear in the December issue of that journal.
However, if you follow the GeneTalk account you could learn about this interesting finding way ahead of the general public!

p.s.: In case you don’t have a Twitter account nor a GeneTalk account, this is the GeneTalk annotation Nadja’s tweet is referring to:

Convinced of its usefulness? So ask your grandma to sign you up at Twitter or GeneTalk, …