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Poll about Gene Panel Usage

Hello everyone,

Gene Panels comprising hundreds of genes are getting more and more popular for analyzing patients with rare inherited disorders. Currently enrichment or amplification kits of Agilent SureSelect, Illumina TruSight, and Ion Torrent AmpliSeq seem to be most widely used.

We are working on a really great new feature that will make it almost fun to analyze variants from such gene panels. The new prioritizing feature will be platform agnostic and we will support all kinds of gene panels. However, we would like to make a short survey about the approaches of the GeneTalk community.

We would highly appreciate if you could participate in tan online poll. It won’t take more than 30 secs. Imagine a patient walks into your clinic and you suspect a monogenic disorder, but you are not exactly sure which gene to analyze first. What is your first choice for the diagnostic work? In the following poll there are three preset answers, that include Gene Panels for this use case:

IonTorrent AmpliSeq Inherited Disease (328 genes)

Illumina TruSight Inherited Disease (552 genes)

Agilent SureSelect Inherited Disease (2932)

The performance of the Agilent panel was analyzed by Robinson et al. and showed a diagnostic yield of more than 30%

Please also indicate if you are using another gene panel for solving the case by selecting “others”. This could be e.g. the TruSight One panel, an exome, or anything else.

Enough explanations, now let’s start the voting!