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New GeneTalk features

This week, there are basically two big improvements to GeneTalk. First, we got a server upgrade that makes the overall performance a little bit faster (and our provider complains about the large database… however). Also, there is a speedup in the gene set filtering that improves the performance even more.

Second, the most important new feature, is that you can add annotations to the variants, look out for the “GeneTalk-Logo-like” icons in the filter output.

Annotate Icon   Show Icon

Also, there are some minor improvements, including:

  • You can store comments to your VCF files
  • There is a download button for VCF files
  • Filter results appear as XYZ_filtered.vcf in your list of VCF files
  • The view for VCF file is redesigned. Small files and filter results are shown with in nice view with a table, for large files there is a quick view